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Článek: Kat Von D Transitions From Tats To Fashion

17. prosince 2011 v 19:41 | D.Bitch
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Kat Von D Transitions From Tats To Fashion

As my friends will tell you, I'm pretty positive I'm clairvoyant -- at least when it comes to fashion. It just so happens that Sunday evening as I relaxed for the remaining hours of the weekend, I decided to browse through my Netflix Watch Instantly and landed on LA Ink. It's been possibly a solid year since I've indulged in that guilty pleasure, but it hit the spot perfectly. Not only does Kat Von D have an insanely awesome personality, but she has talent like whoa.
So yesterday, as I'm checking emails, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the following: Kat Von D's new spring collection - say what?! Alright, so a lot of celeb/reality TV personality fashion collections have fallen flat, but this one is actually pretty superb. Not surprising since she already has the knack for sketching and color sense unlike other 'designers.'
Obviously, she infused her own style of grungy 1970's-meets-vintage pin-up and it works really well. She transitions her winter collection of Edwardian avant-garde to sensible spring. We especially love her black mini-skirt with ombre side fringe: it's enough of a statement you can wear to work and then transition into night for cocktails. She also nailed the relaxed silhouette of wide-leg trousers with simple tops that can be worn with pretty much anything. Now, if only she would come to NYC and grant us with one of her killer tattoos, all would be right in the world.

Kat Von D at Urth Cafe

14. prosince 2011 v 15:47 | D.Bitch
Moc všechny zdravím a omlouvám se za moji dlouhodobou neaktivitu, ale jsem teďka zase několikátý týden nemocná a tak si to nejspíš dovedete představit.
Za tu dobu se nám pěkně nahromadily nějaké nové fotky Kat, tak sem pro dnešek přikládám fotky, na kterých je Kat zachycena v Urth Cafe.